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Mr Tony thinks St. Aidan's Primary School have got talent!

Updated: May 12, 2020

Hi everyone, Mr Tony here again!

Today I want to talk about another one of my schools that is close to my heart.

St Aidan’s RC primary school is a fantastic setting for a child to flourish! As a PE teacher in a primary school you couldn’t wish for anything more. They have 2 large halls, 2 yards with the key stage 1 section being an all year weather surface and most importantly a huge field were the kids run free in the summer.

Me and my friend Mrs Nicholson, the PE coordinator and Year 6 teacher were talking recently and we mentioned that you wait almost all of the year to get out on the field in the sun focusing on striking & fielding and Athletics skills with the children and sadly, this year it looks like it’s not going to be the case! However, we also did agree on that we can’t complain considering what’s going on around us as long as we are all staying safe and healthy.

I have spent every Wednesday here for the last 5 years and I’ve loved it! I turn up, see Lindsey and Karen in reception have a laugh with them, sign in and my day of teaching starts. Normally I would bump into the headteacher, Mr James, who I must say I’m a big fan of, he’s easy to talk and he has helped me a lot in my professional development over the years, which I can’t thank him enough for!

I also have to put out there that St Aidan’s RC primary school has also continued to support PEAK over the years, firstly they had an apprentice from us called Kelsie, who had an especially great understanding of the children in Early years and it is lovely to see Kelsie is still making a difference and is working as a key worker in this scary time! Our holiday camps too, St Aidan’s RC primary school are always on hand to help with the use of their school and drive to get as many of their children involved as possible! To this day we still have a number of children from St Aidan’s attending our holiday camps which is great to see, means our team are doing a brilliant job!

Over the years in this role you spot special talents and St Aidan’s certainly did and still do have buckets of talent! I always remember one boy, a couple of years ago, who played football in an Academy but was also such a well-mannered student who was always willing to help. He was probably the best footballer I had seen for his age, he was good at everything! Actually, he reminded me a bit of myself at his age, whereas what I needed in my primary school wasn’t to be doing the same as everyone else becoming disengaged and complacent, I needed to gain leadership skills and this is what I focused on with this boy, as well as his physical development. It is safe to say he left St Aidan’s RC primary school with the skills ready for high school!

St Aidan’s has always encouraged their pupils to be as active as they can and when they can. Sports days are always a special time of year here and it’s a privilege to help organise the event.

The children in this school are amazing, and again I see them as my own! They are always willing to learn, put lots of effort in, and the most rewarding thing for me, as every teacher, is seeing them develop, get better and blossom! I would like to say a big thank you to everyone associated with this school for making me feel like part of their team! What a journey so far and I can’t wait for it to continue.

Thanks for reading,

Mr Tony!

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