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Apprenticeships are for EVERYONE.

They are designed to expand capabilities, increase performance and improve lives.

Apprenticeships can only be delivered by government-approved training companies who are members of the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP). As a fully accredited RoAPT member we are proud to offer a carefully developed selection of apprenticeships which have been designed by and are delivered by experts in their respective sectors.


PEAK have a rigorous recruitment programme to help schools ensure that only the highest quality candidates make it through to the final selection process, at which stage you will select which of the candidates that you wish to take into your school for a year.

Funding and Support

Expert guidance in navigating funding streams and contracts. 

Our team are accomplished experts in advising businesses on funding, government incentives and the apprenticeship levy in order to to support training programme delivery costs.

We also partner with Skills Office Network who provide specialist support to businesses and start-ups who want to set up their own training provision and become members of RoATP.

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Sub Contracting Policy

“This is the first year we have taken a PE Apprentice on and the process has been extremely smooth. From the interview stage to PEAK training the Apprentice, to working in school - seamless. Our apprentice fits in very well to our staff team and supports in each PE lesson in school. She is working closely with a couple of classes and has built up excellent relationships with the children - she runs an after school club and will offer to cover others, if coaches cancel or staff are tied up in meetings. PEAK have also delivered a 2-day Sports Leader programme which we haven't taken part in before. The Year 5 and Year 6 children have a timetable each week to work too and offer a range of games which are unfamiliar but the younger children love! The children have even extended their offer to morning break times where they use the Hall to deliver gymnastic and dance activities. A very effective and successful way to spend part of the Sports Premium allocation which has whole school impact.”

Nicola Hill, Headteacher, Hetton Primary School.


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