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Your pupils are your biggest resource so why not empower them to deliver active play and games to other pupils  and increase the amount of active organised play that you provide.

PEAK can offer a one- or two-day course that helps develop your pupils leadership skills and will teach them up to 50 games that they can play with other children at play and lunchtimes. We will also provide you with a resource that explains 90 different playground games so your Playleaders can start to develop a library of resources of activities for the playground.

PEAK can also tailor this course for your lunchtime supervisors, or even a mix of lunchtime staff and children so that you have a seamless delivery programme developed.

All pupils receive a PEAK Playleaders Certificate and our service doesn't just stop there, we regularly pop into our schools for follow-up visits to see how your Playtime Activities programme is developing.

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"I think being a Playleader is brilliant! I love organising games for younger pupils to play. PEAK really helped me develop my skills. They made the training really fun and helped us learn how to communicate well and solve any problems which might happen. They taught us lots of games that we could use, my favourite games are Starlight and Active Noughts and Crosses. But if ever I need new games the book they gave us has loads of great ideas in it. I am so much more confident since I've become a Playleader."

Julie, Aged 11, East Rainton Primary School.

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