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You will be introduced to your tutor and the PEAK Training Manager who is also your first point of call for safeguarding. You will receive an induction on APTEM which is our e-learning portfolio. You will also have an English and Maths assessment. You will also meet your workplace mentor.


You will have off job training sessions with your tutor where you will be released from work by your employer. Your tutor is an expert in the field of work that you are doing. You will complete a series of tasks and develop a portfolio of work which will be submitted via APTEM.


You will receive regular visits to your workplace by your tutor. Tri-partite (3 way) reviews will be held with you and your workplace mentor to ensure that your progress is on track and that your work is of a high enough standard. You will also receive 1-to-1 coaching to assist your progress.


Gateway is the point at which your delivery and coaching is complete and your portfolio is finished demonstrating all of the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will have been evidenced. This is normally 3 months from the end of your apprenticeship. We will notify the end point assessor that you are ready for assessment.


This stands for End Point Assessment. You will be visited by an assessor who will come to your workplace. The assessor will spend time with you and your mentor and will observe you at work and initiate a professional discussion to ensure that you have met all of the skills, knowledge and behaviours expected from you.


This is where we discuss your next steps and provide information and guidance about your chosen career. We will give you advice on careers, further training and professional development. This will provide you with everything you need to develop your career within your chosen field.

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