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PEAK'S Pioneers wrap-around care service is an on-site provision for schools who would like to outsource their WAC.

PEAK will always apply for Ofsted registration to ensure that we have external scrutiny and parents can use the Government's tax-free childcare and voucher programmes to book their children in.

Pioneers focuses extensively on active play and sports but children also get to choose what they would like to do so we also have a range of arts and crafts and board games for children.

If you are a school wishing to find out more about our service and the benefits that Pioneers brings you please click the button below:

If you are a parent of a child in a school which has Pioneers and you require information or to book then please press the button below:


Children show that they feel safe and secure. For instance, children rush to greet staff in the main hall after school and tell them all about their day. This includes their achievements at sports day and how they passed a school test. Staff congratulate children, smiling warmly and offering high levels of praise. Other children join in and clap their hands in recognition for their friend. This helps to promote children's self-esteem and shows the strong relationships children establish at the setting.

Staff are excellent role models. They offer support and encouragement for all  children. They ensure children are heard and contribute their ideas and suggestions. Children are actively involved in decision making and contribute to creating the rules of the club. They participate in activities on offer with an eagerness and enjoyment.

There is a strong focus on promoting children's physical well-being at this setting. For instance, large group dance sessions where children move their body in different ways to various types of music. Children follow high standards of hygiene practices and choose from a range of healthy snacks. This helps to promote their independence and helps children to understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Managers implement robust recruitment procedures. They ensure those working with children are suitable. Managers promote staff well-being and offer regular supervision sessions. Staff attend regular training to help them to develop their skills and knowledge. Managers evaluate their setting well. They quickly identify and address any emerging weaknesses in practice.

Parents comment that they are happy at the setting. They state that staff are friendly and approachable. Parents comment that their children are very happy at the club and talk to them about what they have been doing. Parents receive regular feedback and information about activities at the setting.

Risk assessments are regularly carried out. Staff encourage children to join in and think about any hazards in the environment. Managers and staff promote children's safety and well-being at all times. There are highly detailed policies in place. This includes the steps to follow in the event of a concern about the welfare of a child. The safeguarding procedures also include the steps to follow in the event of an allegation against staff and the safe use of mobile phones at the setting.

Children demonstrate remarkable social skills. They laugh with each other as they play ball games. For instance, they stand together in large groups, throwing and catching a ball quickly to see who is the first to drop it. They participate in exciting activities including archery sessions and craft activities. They proudly show off paper animals they have created during origami sessions. Children talk to visitors about their experience at the club. This includes, 'It is a lovely club. I have never been happier'.

Pioneers - Latest Ofsted Report:
Riverside Academy - 17th July 2023 

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