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It is really important to us to know what you think about our holiday camps in order that we can continue to improve.

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PEAK will be running TWO camps this October. One at St Columbas' RC Primary in Wallsend with the other at Wolviston Primary School, Billingham. To download the camp information please click on the relevant picture below.





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"My 2 have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They're desperate to come back next week. Thank you."

Gemma Barwick

"Just want to say thanks to all of the staff for running such a lush holiday club. Belle has had a lovely week and is looking forward to coming back in a few weeks."

Laura Greener Jones

"Max has had the best week ever! Thank you so much. Hopefully he will be back soon.

Julie Bell Curtis

"My girls have had a brilliant week and thanks for celebrating Kasey's birthday."

Emma Nichol

"Could not recommend this camp enough! My son loves it and always has a great time!"

Angela Johnson


Our annual membership costs £25, should your child become a VIP Member you will receive:

  • 25% OFF the price of EVERY camp during your membership!

  • Advance notification of camps, allowing you to book in advance!

  • Extended hours of 8am to 5pm.



How do I know if you have availability for a particular day/week?

Simply click Book Now and select the camp you would like to book for. The system will display how many available spaces we have on each particular day.

Your camps open at 8 – do I need to drop my child off at 8am?

No – our camps are open between 8am and 4pm. As long as you drop your child off and collect them between these hours then we are happy.

What is the format of the day?

We tend to poll the children at the start of the day to gauge interest in different activities. We then split the day into 5 sessions, during which we run between 3-5 different activities (dependent upon numbers). The more popular activities we run more than once to allow every child to participate in them.

Is it just physically active activities?

No – we also offer arts and crafts activities – lots of children need a break from running around during the day.

Your booking system isn’t working.

We run a diagnostic on OpenPlay regularly and 99% of the time we get told this the booking system is working absolutely fine. Like many online booking systems OpenPlay sometimes struggles to fit everything on screen on a smart phone and it does require 3rd Party cookies to be enabled and room in your cache to work. Please can you try to book on another device first.

Do you accept Childcare Vouchers?

Unfortunately we are not a childcare company so we are unable to accept these. This is one of the reasons we keep our prices so low.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

No – this is one of the reasons we keep our prices so low.

Is the membership offer per child or per family?

It is for the child, if you have two children you need to purchase 2 memberships.

Can a week’s booking be spread across two or three weeks?

No. A week covers the period Monday to Friday.



In light of the current situation we are making some key changes to try to reduce risk of virus transmission. These being:

  • We will always always promote good hand and respiratory hygiene.

  • Outdoors camp – we will endeavour to run all camps outside. If the weather is poor we will utilise indoor spaces which will be well ventilated.

  • Reception and arrival – the reception desk will be set up outside the activity centre (to the side). As soon as a child arrives they will be escorted in and shown where to store their packed lunch and taken to an activity.

  • Equipment - all equipment will be sanitised after every activity.

  • In the event of inclement weather forcing us inside activities to be socially distanced.

  • Hand hygiene – We will have hand sanitiser available however we recommend that every child brings a small bottle of hand sanitiser with them which they keep in their pocket.

  • If your child has a toileting accident and is unable to clean themselves under supervision from a member of our team we will telephone and request that they are collected from camp. You are welcome to return them to camp that day.

  • Accident forms will be e-mailed to parents rather than getting you to sign them when you collect your child.

  • Due to the current circumstances and to ensure safety it is imperative that you provide us with contact details of somebody who will always be available to collect your child.

These broad principles are contained within our risk register /operating guidance a PDF copy of which can be requested from