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Whether you are a school, sports club or youth club we have a range of fun events that can be utilised at your venue. 

Perhaps you'd like a Quidditch or Dragonball event to support World Book Day?

Or how about a day of Bubble Football to reward your pupils efforts?

Stay with the football theme and explore Football Darts or even Space Hopper Football.

Or would Disco Dodgeball appeal to your children?

We know that VX days are very popular in schools, VX is similar to Rock-It Ball and is a cross between lacrosse and dodgeball and features games such as Battle Royale for teams or individual pupils.

Whatever your requirements contact us today to discuss our full range of children's events.

Our events can be run over a full day or up to an hour, we will customise your event to suit your needs.


"VX is so much fun, I've really enjoyed playing it and it is a great game to play! I was exhausted by the end of it though! Really hope that we can do more VX in the future."

Alek, Aged 11, Meadowdale Academy.

"The Panna Arena is awesome, I'd love to have this in my school so we could play it everyday! I'm going to play my best friend later, it'll be a bit of grudge match, I can't wait!"

Charlotte, Aged 11, Hadrian Park Primary School.

Bubble Football is incredible. Its really fun knocking into each other whilst trying to dribble or pass a football. I've been knocked over loads and the best thing is you don't get hurt!

Ethan , Aged 10, St Aiden's RC Primary.

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