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PEAK have developed a wide range of activities around the popular Nerf brand.

Nerf Wars is an activity day available to any school or youth group. Getting children active in a fun and exciting manner whilst working together to overcome problems.

PEAK provide the Nerf guns, bullets and safety goggles to ensure that your children have a fantastic time playing lots of small (and big!) fun games with different outcomes.

There are many advantages to children of a Nerf Wars day. Activity levels increase significantly leading to an increase in fitness levels. Children develop their communication and co-operative skills as they work together and through enjoyment and fun key skills such as resillience and self-worth are formed.

And of course, its not JUST for the kids! PEAK can run elements of this day as a CPD day for your staff developing key team-building skills whilst the team get rewarded with a day of fun! 

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