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High Quality PE Delivery

Whether you are looking for PPA cover or a demonstrative model of high quality PE, PEAK can help you.

Our PE Educators are trained to a minimum of L3 in Primary Physical Education. You will receive high quality PE and OSHL delivery for your children.

Quality Assurance

All of our Educators are subject to 24 Quality Assurance checks every academic year to ensure that their delivery meets our exacting standards. 

Planning and Evaluations

Every lesson we deliver is planned to our unique set of standards and evaluated to ensure that appropriate learning objectives are set for the following lessons. Unlike other providers we are always happy to share our planning and evaluation with our partner schools.


Your PE Educator will deliver either your school PE curriculum or, should you choose, our own unique skills based curriculum that fully meets the requirements of the PE National Curriculum. Where you choose our curriculum

we will begin with a series of age appropriate baseline tests to ensure that the teaching is personalised to the individual needs of the pupils. We will repeat these tests twice throughout the year to demonstrate and measure progress.


Where PEAK are delivering to the same classes throughout an academic year we will assess your children at the end of every term in line with the End of KS descriptors and the learning requirements of the National Curriculum. Our unique planning and assessment software allows our Educators to complete Assessment of Learning after EVERY lesson and throughout the year collate an end of year assessment report and graphs for every single pupil.


Schools who take out a full-year contract with PEAK receive a 25% discount on our usual base price.

"Our PE deliverer is extremely professional, he delivers good quality learning outcomes, engages children and children are making good progress. His behaviour management skills are outstanding."

Naomi Dickenson - PE Coordinator, St Albans RC Primary School.

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