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Miss Robson talks about her Terrific Schools!

Hi everyone, Miss Robson here! I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I am missing you all lots and thought I’d take some time to talk about my experiences in the schools across the North East I have worked in as part of the PEAK team.

Village Primary School

On Monday’s I work at Thornaby Village Primary School. I have worked at Village Primary for the last two years. I began my time at this nurturing school as an Apprentice where I learnt a lot of new skills regarding being a Teaching Assistant specialising in PE. The wonderful staff have really brought out the best in me. In September 2019 I was lucky enough to be taken on as a PE Deliverer within this amazing school, giving me the opportunity to deliver PE to the fabulous children that attend.

The children are willing to learn new skills and are always asking questions on how they can improve. They take pride in everything they do whether it is showing you a piece of their classroom work or demonstrating the skills I have taught them in PE. When representing their school in sporting events the teamwork and togetherness of them wanting to perform well is wonderful to see and I am proud to be apart of that.

One of my main responsibilities whilst at Village has been supporting the Sports Crew. I have had the privilege to work with a fantastic group of year 5/6 pupils to develop their leadership skills and help them create a timetable of activities for break-times which the Sports Crew lead themselves. It has been great to watch them develop into young leaders and see their confidence grow.

The pupils are a credit to the school, and this is due to the outstanding headteacher and team of staff. Every week I go in, the staff have a smile on their faces and they really make me feel part of the Village family. Each member of staff is approachable and supportive and have helped me in in some way develop over the last two years.

Wolviston Primary School

I started working in Wolviston Primary School in September 2019 as a PE Deliverer. Even though Wolviston is a small school it has a heart of gold. The children and all the staff always have a smile on their face and they never fail to brighten up my day. The children have lovely manners and take real pride in the school.

In PE lessons the students are always enthusiastic demonstrating their willingness to learn by always asking questions on how they can further develop their skills. Their dedication to progress and learn is a privilege to see, particularly because, as a PE Deliverer I aim to increase participation and enjoyment in a range of sports. The eagerness they have makes me proud.

As well as the pupils being warm and welcoming so are the staff. The headteacher is great to work with, she is very supportive of the ideas I have, and we collaborate well together in order to improve the level of PE delivered. The class teachers are also lovely and support me in delivering the PE lessons. They are happy to take small groups and work with them to help them perfect certain skills. Overall the school is a very supportive environment, which encourages growth in every individual.

Myton Park Primary School

I started working in Myton Park Primary School in September 2019 mentoring staff in the PECS course. PECS stands for Physical Education Curriculum Sport and involves guiding teachers on how to improve their PE lessons. This can range from the content that they cover to how they structure and organise their lessons. At Myton Park the staff who I have helped have been keen to learn and develop their skills in order to improve how they deliver their PE lessons. The staff have respected my comments and have taken my advice on board. Over the 6 months I have been working with them I have seen some great improvements.

As well as mentoring staff on the PECS course I also personally deliver an after school club to the students. This rotates each month, with a different year group. The students who attend are always willing to learn and enjoy themselves. A credit to the school is their vast amount of PE equipment as it allows the pupils to develop and improve a range of skills across a range of different spots. Overall, the school is welcoming, and both the staff and students are kind and helpful.

Billingham South Primary School

Although I have only been working at Billingham South Primary School for 4 weeks, I have been welcomed with open arms and already feel a member of the team.

Whilst at Billingham South I deliver the PECS mentoring scheme to a member of staff responsible for teaching most of the PE lessons. The staff member has cooperated with me extremely well and has been eager to develop her skills. Over the short time I have been working with her I have seen a quick and big improvement in her ability to deliver PE.

The pupils are friendly and are enthusiastic in their PE lessons, showing a willingness to learn. Whilst at Billingham South I have also been responsible for delivering a multi-sports afterschool club to year 3 & 4 pupils. Again, the pupils in these sessions show an interest and are eager to develop their skills. Importantly, they have fun and enjoy the sessions, it is nice to see that they always have smiles on their faces. Over the short time I have been with them I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading a bit about the schools I have been working with.

I hope you are keeping safe and well. REMEMBER TO KEEP ACTIVE!

Why not try some of the challenges I and the rest of the PEAK team have been setting on our social media to help keep you fit and healthy!

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It would be great if you could comment how you get on with them.

Miss you all and hopefully I will see you soon!

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