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British Olympian to join PEAK

We are delighted to announce that former Great Britain Olympian and former 50km World-Record holder, Aly Dixon is joining PEAK as our new Brand Ambassador.

r, Aly Dixon is joining PEAK as our new Brand Ambassador.

We will be attempting to ensure that Aly visits as many of our PE delivery and PECS schools in the next year to inspire children to achieve their maximum potential.

Physical Education is currently one of the most important subjects in a child’s development. Many have been inactive due to Covid lockdowns and the teaching of the subject is often farmed out to coaching companies who often use non-National Curriculum gimmicks such as football tickets and competitions to entice schools to buy in their services. PE should be taught by specialists, such as ourselves and qualified PE teachers and children need positive role-models. Having Aly join the team will provide our schools with visits from somebody, who will insp

ire children to reach their fullest potential. Aly, who is a local athlete went on to represent Great Britain at an Olympics, the very pinnacle for any sportsperson.”

Aly Dixon is delighted to be joining PEAK and told us,

“The next pandemic we will face will be childhood obesity and children need correctly taught PE to enable them to live healthy and active lives. I am delighted to be joining PEAK, they have a fantastic set-up and their staff are correctly trained in order to develop children’s core skills at the appropriate age. This is an exciting concept and I cannot wait to visit some of PEAK’s schools.”

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