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A Fond Farewell.

Today we have had to say farewell to Dave Roberts who has served as both Community and PESSPA Manager in his time with PEAK.

Dave is an exceptional PE Educator and his knowledge has helped our team grow and develop their skills.

His time with PEAK has coincided with a difficult period for the company in terms of staffing and the cost of living crisis and without his help it is fair to say that we may not have made it through such tough times.

Our CEO, Dave Johnson, said, "I am genuinely sorry to see Dave go, he has been a rock for me personally as we've navigated choppy waters. He has helped us to ensure that we maintain our high standards with regard to the teaching and learning in Primary PE."

Dave is leaving the sector and we genuinely wish him all the best for his future.

Moving forward we have made the following changes to ensure that our clients still receive the best possible service:

  • Laura Kelly, our Early Years specialist will be overseeing our Pioneers wrap-around care provision.

  • Jamie Moore, a PEAK veteran, will be managing our Trailblazers holiday camps.

  • Mathew Johnston will be taking a lead on all of our PE delivery.

You can find contact details for all of these on our CONTACTS page.

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