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Meet the Team: Joe Ingram

My name is Joe and I began my time with PEAK in September 2018. After I finished High school, I was lucky enough to join PEAK and begin my apprenticeship at Christ Church Primary School. During my time at Christ Church I got to experience all parts of school life whilst also being able to teach some PE lessons in the afternoon. Not only did I love the PE side of the job but also the many other aspects such as working as a Teaching Assistant one day to then the next day selling cakes whilst wearing a fluorescent orange wig for comic relief.

Fortunately, I was given the chance to become a PE Educator working exclusively at Waterville Primary. I’m really enjoying my role as Waterville’s lead PE deliverer as it’s been great to share my passion for PE with all classes in KS1 and KS2. Being a PE Educator has been extremely rewarding because it's been brilliant to see lots of children enjoying being active and learning new skills every day.

Away from work, Football and Cricket are two of my main interests. I played football from an early age where I mainly played as a goalkeeper. Now I’m fully focused on coaching with Bedlington Terriers Juniors. Recently I completed my level 2 in coaching football which has really helped me become a better coach and enhance my knowledge of the game.

Cricket is the sport I'm still playing with my club being Cramlington CC. I made my senior debut at 13 and I've continued to play ever since then. I've took 200 wickets so far for the club and I'm hoping to add more throughout the upcoming season.

Overall, my time so far with PEAK has been amazing and I can't wait to continue to help the company grow in the future!

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