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It's NEARLY Our Birthday - Welcome Aly Dixon!

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

On April 21st PEAK turn 5. And we have a very special day planned. We are delighted that GB Olympic Athlete, Aly Dixon will be joining us for a day of celebrations at the same school we delivered our very first PE lesson in on 21st April 2015.

PEAK turn 5 on April 21st and we have an incredible day lined up with opportunities for schools to win some BIG money saving prizes to enhance their PE provision.

We will be taking over the curriculum at St Alban's RC Primary in Gateshead, the school where we delivered our first ever PE lesson in a day devoted to Physical Education. Aly Dixon will be joining us there as we highlight the positive outcomes of PE to all pupils at the school.

Our current client schools will be invited to play an online game of Pass-the-Parcel with every school that "tears off a sheet of wrapping paper" guaranteed a prize which could be anything from sports equipment to a £500 voucher.

All schools can also enter an online prize draw where 5 x £500 vouchers will be won on the day.

Watch out for further announcements as PEAK turn birthdays on their head and instead of receiving lots of lovely presents, we'll be giving them away!

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