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Welcome and thank-you for agreeing to take this survey. We want to ensure that the service we provide schools helps them in the way they would wish and creates better value for them. We would really appreciate it if you could score the following services with regard to HOW important each of them are to you when/should you look to engage a private PE provider.
We would ask that you give some thought as to how you score each category and would suggest the following scores:
0 - Not important at all - this would not add value to my school and I would not care if these services were not provided.
1-3 Slightly important - I'd not be looking for this when I book and wouldn't be too concerned if they weren't provided.
4-6 Relatively important - these would not be factors that would influence my choice of PE provider but would be a welcome bonus.
7-9 Important - these would be important factors when I chose which provider to use.
10 Absolutely essential and this service would have to be provided.


Download your free copy of our Playground Games guide by clicking on the PDF button to the right.

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