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Why We Have Decided to FREEZE Our Holiday Camp Prices for 2023!

Another element within my role as PESSPA Manager is the organisation and running of our holiday camps. We currently run one successful holiday camp ‘Trailblazers’ which is based at Rockcliffe First School in Whitley Bay.

When we came together as a senior leadership team at the back end of last year to put together our SAVE – SUPPORT – SUSTAIN campaign, we not only set out to consider how we can save schools money, but also our parents!

We have ALWAYS endeavoured to keep our holiday camp prices as reasonable as we possibly can for our parents that now rely upon us for childcare during the holidays! That is why it was quite an easy decision to FREEZE our prices from 2022 in to 2023 – in spite of us (along with the rest of the country) seeing our costs increase dramatically!

Trailblazers costs £17.50 per day (just over £2 per hour and that reduces to under £2 if you book a full week!) We operate from 8am-4pm, offer a wide range of activities including some very niche equipment like NERF wars, football darts, zorbs, archery and more along with more traditional sports and is staffed with employees who are based in schools day in day out so have bundles of experience working with children in a school environment!

Add on top of that the fact that Trailblazers is now an OFSTED registered holiday camp, we would probably have been justified in putting a slight increase to our prices in 2023. However, we feel a duty where possible to SAVE our parents money, SUPPORT them with their childcare needs in the holidays and provide some long term SUSTAINability so that parents have peace of mind that their children can continue to attend our camps throughout 2023!

Dave Roberts, PEAK PESSPA Manager

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