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What We've Achieved in 5 Years

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

As we approach our 5th birthday, we've been raking through our archives to take a quick look at everything we've done in 5 years...

Well here it 5 years PEAK have:

· Made an impact on the lives of 39,137 children

· Delivered 24,594 PE lessons

· Worked with 66 schools across the North East from Berwick to Ingleby Barwick

· Employed 68 young apprentices with a 75% success rate

· Ran 58 holiday camps at 6 venues

· Trained and mentored 83 primary school staff on the PECS programme to deliver high quality Physical Education

· Trained 649 Y5 and Y6 pupils as playleaders

· Had 1572 different children attend our holiday camps

· Delivered 6,747 out of school hours clubs

· Trained 217 lunchtime supervisors to be activity co-ordinators

...and we've got plans to do even MORE in our NEXT 5 years!

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