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Welcome our new Apprentices!

Hello everyone!

Last week we held our apprenticeship induction event at Sunderland College and due to the current climate we only had 2 jam packed days training together before our apprentices went into their schools for the first time! This training included:

- an introduction to PEAK talking about who we are & what we do!, professionalism in the workplace, and the importance of primary Physical Education

- meeting their tutor and Sunderland college enrolment for their Level 3 Teaching assistant with PE specialism apprenticeship.

- a practical PE/Games Activities session teaching the new apprentices our PEAK playground games focusing on adapting them to be socially distanced. This was also a great opportunity to discuss teaching position/voice projection/grouping children etc.

- a briefing on holiday camps, how they run, suitable activities and who will be working with which groups.

But now, lets meet the newest members of our team!

"My name is Lewie & I’m one of the new apprentices that has recently joined the PEAK team. I am 18 years old, and I’m from Blyth I have been fortunate enough to receive an opportunity to progress my future at James Calvert Spence college (JCSC) located in Amble. I’ve played a variety of sports growing up but football being my main sport. Ive played for many fantastic junior clubs growing up and had some amazing experiences playing abroad in many tournaments. I’ve had some incredible coaches over the years who I appreciate greatly as they have made me who I am today. I have recently signed for Blyth towns u23’s. The most amazing thing that has happened to me in relation to sport was scoring a winning free kick at Elland road to win a final 2-1. I am definitely looking forward forward to starting my role in September, and I’m excited to develop my knowledge and embrace what the future has to offer. "

"My names Jess and I will be working at James Calvert Spence school in Amble. I am a BSJA show jumper, currently competing newcomers classes.

The most amazing thing that happened to me was placing top 3 at my first nationals at 14. This year I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge on working within a school."

"Hi everyone, my name is Adam I live in Sunderland, Town end farm, I will be working at Mill hill primary school, I’ve played rugby since I was 8, the most amazing thing to happen to me is when I scored the final try of the season in the National Cup and The thing I’m looking forward the most is working in Mill hill primary school."

"Hello, my name is Jodie Stewart, I live in Newcastle and I will be working in Rockliffe first school. I have been dancing for over 7 years and I was in a pantomime with Bazzle Brush. I am looking forward to working with the children this year."

"Hello everyone, my name is Ross, I live in Amble, Northumberland and the school I will be working at is Morpeth First School. My sporting career has included hard work but has taught me valuable lessons about myself and sports itself. The sport I play is football and have played the sport since I was 5 years old. The most amazing thing that I have experienced was winning 2 pre-season tournaments on the same day with my 2 junior football teams. I am most looking forward to gaining the experience of teaching and working on a day-to-day basis with children. I took the apprenticeship opportunity so I can help the next generation gain better sporting experiences through PE."

"Hello, I’m Tom. I live in Newcastle and I’ll be working at marine park in Whitley Bay. I played futsal at a professional level, playing in the FA cup. The most amazing thing to happen to me was my daughter being born in March this this year. I’m most looking forward to developing skills within sport."

We can't wait to see how our apprentices grow and become great primary educators! Best of luck guys!

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