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We're ALL in this TOGETHER!

The economic situation facing schools at present is probably one of the biggest fiscal issues that I have known. Schools are facing crippling electricity and gas bills and the most common word ringing from business manager’s lips right now is “savings”.

In truth, savings, MUST be the focus for all organisations. Here at PEAK we have always striven to provide value for schools and our prices have ALWAYS remained low. It can be tricky at times providing a high-quality product at low-cost but we have been doing this for 8 years and its about to get even better!

In January we will be launching a campaign entitled “Save – Support – Sustain” demonstrating to schools how we can SAVE them money. The financial constraints that are devouring the whole country at present are real and we intend to demonstrate that “We are in this TOGETHER” and PEAK will be showing schools how that working with us can save you up to £120,000 over a 4 year period! THAT’S A BIG CHUNK TOWARDS THOSE INCREASED POWER BILLS!

Schools who partner with PEAK have been saving money for YEARS. Indeed today alone we are helping schools make an incredible £1,000 worth of budgetary savings – over £5k of savings a week and by the end of this current academic year we will have saved our partner schools nearly a QUARTER OF A MILLION POUNDS!

Save – Support – Sustain goes EVEN FURTHER and will generate savings for schools of NEARLY DOUBLE this amount. The economic pressures we face cannot be faced alone – it is simply UNFAIR that one organisation, such as a school, bears the entire terrible consequences of the financial predicament that we face today. PEAK will be taking up the mantel and facing our responsibilities to schools AND to the thousands of children in the North-East. As 2023 begins we will begin to share our plans with schools and demonstrating HOW schools can save up to £30,000 a year simply by making a few changes and working in partnership with PEAK.

This is not merely an advertising gimmick – We are ALL in this together and whilst other PE Providers are increasing prices due to increased costs PEAK stand alone in the North-East in ensuring that schools will SAVE MORE when working with us than with our competitors.

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