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We CREATE VALUE for our Schools!

This has been a difficult year for a lot of organisations and PEAK have worked extensively over the past 10 months to strengthen our brand. Indeed our partner schools will notice a huge difference in 2021-22 as PEAK have set out to become a ‘value-creation’ business and have completely changed our DNA. We are more than aware that some of our competitors offer ‘freebies’ to schools, such as football tickets to reward attendance and behaviour, however our vision to is provide schools with ‘added value’ that contributes more towards a school’s daily life.

We know that the DfE are likely to implement a more ‘Health and Wellbeing’ agenda and as Physical Educationalists we want to lead that change for our schools. In October we launched our new company motto of Liberi Sani Ad Vitam, Children Fit for Life, as we attempt to not only provide added value for our schools but also launch our mission to embed the delivery of key life skills strategies within our exciting and innovative new PE Curriculum. We recognise that schools are being asked to deliver more and more content into their already squeezed curriculums and we intend to take some of the pressure off of them by incorporating tuition of these key skills into our PE lessons.

Expanding Learning Outcomes for Pupils

From September our team will incorporate learning objectives relating to the following competences that children need to develop in order to help prepare them for adulthood:

· Decision Making

· Creative Thinking

· Effective Communication

· Problem Solving

· Critical Thinking

· Emotional Intelligence

· Time Management

· Psychological Resilience

· Empathy

· Interpersonal Skills

Our team are working hard together to develop associated teaching and learning activities that merge the learning objectives of the PE curriculum with learning opportunities in all of these areas. We are going to facilitate teaching to help children learn to deal with all of the complexities that life throws upon them and reduce the likelihood of poor mental health in later years.

We know that the PE curriculum, as it stands, has many outcomes in addition to the learning of skills that will engage children in healthy and active lifestyles. However these are no longer sufficient for the 21st Century and PEAK will lead the way in expanding the learning opportunities for children when they work with our Educators.

Monitoring and Recording of Activity and Wellness.

PEAK have teamed up with miMoves and from September 2021 will be providing all of our schools FREE access to this ground breaking system.

miMoves provides pupils with access to a mobile app. This is used by young people to log their physical activity. It is easy to use and takes just a few seconds to record. miMove avoids capturing ‘scientific’ data like steps and heart rate because we don’t think this is helpful or ethical when working with young children. Students can reflect on their activity and even upload a photo to capture the memory.

Our schools will get access to the web app where they can log in to see what students have posted. The dashboard is the first of its kind enabling schools to see at a glance, how their students are engaging with physical activity. This data gives firm evidence of the impact of school’s work. If your goal is to increase levels of activity, miMove allows schools to monitor that; if they are focussing on a specific cohort e.g. increasing girls participation, miMove will show that too. And, at the same time, you will be capturing the student voice. Schools can then share this with students, teachers, parents and governors to celebrate your achievements and allocate resources accordingly. miMove also has a built in, easy-to-use and very relevant assessment tool.

Now - more than ever - it is vital that schools support young people in making physical activity a regular part of their lives. miMove allows you to see if this is becoming a reality rather than merely an aspiration.

miMove provides schools with

· powerful data to celebrate your successes

· gain important data to help schools review their programmes

· allocate resources to meet your goals

· offer support where it is needed

· capture student voice and feedback on your work

· save time by using our meaningful, evidence-based PE assessment tool

Even More Free Resources for Schools

PEAK have also teamed up with School Sport Magazine and every school who takes out a PE delivery or PECS contract with us will receive a FREE annual subscription for their PE co-ordinator. The magazine provides an insight into industry awareness and will upskills PE leads with its wide range of reporting providing ideas and technical support for schools.

PEAK will also ensure that every one of our schools receives a FREE copy of AfPE’s ‘Safe Practice: in Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity’ – the definitive health and safety guide for school PE co-ordinators to help them ensure that all activity at their school is completed in a pupil friendly and secure environment.

FREE PE Resources and Services from PEAK

In addition to these FREE gifts, themselves totally hundreds of pounds of added value, PEAK will also be launching a new ‘Member’s Area’ on our website with loads of fantastic resources for your school. In here, our schools will find a range of different PE teaching resources; sports based assemblies that address pastoral matters; a mini-sports leaders course enabling partner schools to develop their own team of play-leaders; lesson plans and resources for healthy diet teaching; ready to use homework activities; and lots of useful resources for the management of PE in primary schools.

If that wasn’t enough we are committing to ensuring that we provide a full and comprehensive end-of-year report for every pupil that we teach allowing schools to maintain a record of pupil progress and something to send home to parents as part of their annual reporting programme.

But That’s Not All…

From 2021-22 our schools will be offered opportunities to run and participate in L1 (intra-school) and L2 (inter-school) competitions for their pupils. These will be in addition to those run by School Competition Managers meaning that pupils at our partner schools will get even more opportunities to take part in organised sporting competitions than those at non-partner school. These competitions will, again, be FREE of charge to schools.

PEAK will also be providing a number of hours to each partner schools of FREE staff CPD. This could be used by the schools to provide whole-school staff training in any matter related to Physical Education or in mentoring of, for example, your PE Co-ordinator to ensure that they are properly equipped to carry out the role.

PEAK have also worked alongside Bob Woolmer Sales for a number of years to provide low-cost PE and sports equipment to our partner schools. We will, from September 2021 be offering our family of schools a 10% discount on all of their PE equipment – meaning our schools will purchase equipment at a lower price than from the majority of sports suppliers.

And Don’t Forget…

PEAK pride themselves on HIGH QUALITY Physical Education delivery. We have an extensive Quality Assurance programme that ensures that our schools receive teaching that enables children to make outstanding progress in the subject.

Our team is made up of qualified teachers and Educators with a minimum L3 qualification in Primary School PE. Unlike some of our competitors in the North-East we have never employed single-sport coaches who masquerade as ‘Physical Education’ teachers. Our team get access to regular and effective CPD to ensure that the children in our family of schools get the absolute BEST teaching in this National Curriculum subject.

If your school chooses to work with us then you will also receive copies of your Educator’s:

· Enhanced DBS and Photo ID

· Safeguarding qualification

· Child Protection qualification

· First Aid certificate

· PREVENT award

· Equality and Diversity certificate

· SEND Code of Practice award

This is to ensure that our client’s Single Central Register is up to date and you have the comfort and security that your children are being well cared for.

Our Value Creation Journey Has Only Just Begun…

We’re not stopping in our quest to provide the BEST value for our partner schools. Work has already begun on phase 2 of our quest and throughout 2021-22 we will be releasing even more additional offers and products for the PEAK Family of Schools.

If your school isn’t currently working with us then perhaps its time that you “Speak with PEAK”. Our PE Advisors and team leaders are more than willing to have a conversation with you.

Together we can get our children “Fit for Life” and we are working tirelessly to ensure that should you decide to join our family of schools you will receive more additional value and even higher quality PE provision.

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