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We are having a whole lot of fun at Holiday Camp!

Can you believe it is August already?! We are into our third week at holiday camp and the days are flying by!

Our popular holiday camps have children busy from the moment arrive, playing game in their bubble, meeting their camp mates & their bubble leader for the week!

From then their week is planned out to ensure they take part in a broad range of activities working on an abundance of skills. Their week might include races, tennis, dance, finger painting, football, archery, athletics, gymnastics, yoga, parachute games, quidditch, orienteering, petanque, kicky rounders, scavenger hunts, football golf, cricket, dodgeball, throlf, ultimate frisbee & "PEAK's got talent" as well as many other fun games in the fresh air with their friends, and our Panna Arena as well as arts & crafts, tuck shop & snacks too! But don't just take our word for it, hear from the people involved:

Holiday camps are my favourite part of the year! Seeing new friendships being made from a variety of schools is really what camps are all about for me. All of the children and staff have done an amazing job adjusting to the new times we have found ourselves in. Despite all of the changes we have had to put in place all of the kids have had an amazing time. I have really seen a huge increase in all of the children's confidence as the week goes on forming new friendships for life! We are half way through the summer and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer holds!

Jess - Holiday Camp Manager.

Summer camps have been amazing this year. Even due to the new way of life with social distancing and constant washing of hands, the children and I have had an amazing time. This has given me the opportunity to meet new children from different schools and new people to work as long side . The favourite games the children love to play is dodgeball and handball because they are working as team a team with their friends. I am looking forward to see more people over the summer .

Olivia - L4 Apprentice

I am really enjoying the camps so far, they have been a good laugh working with the PEAK Team and all the children are all having a great time! My favourite activity so far has been dodgeball, it’s always fun! We are using hand sanitiser to ensure the children's hands are clean and we are keeping them apart maintaining social distancing so there is no touching, and it all works well! Adam - L3 Apprentice

Myself and the children have really been really enjoying the holiday camps, it has been such fun especially with the sunny weather. With the kittens our favourite games are duck duck goose and granny’s footsteps. The children also love yoga doing the difference poses. All children use hand sanitizer before and after every activity and have to social distance but it is all working well.

Jodie - L3 Apprentice

Starting my first full week at the camp during Covid was difficult. However, once I got to know the children and my confidence with them started to rise I started to really enjoy working throughout the week. It was hard initially sticking to all the guidelines but the children had a good understanding and followed the new rules well.

Tom - L3 Apprentice

I have enjoyed holiday camp as I get to work with my fellow Apprentices and get to enjoy and teach lots of fun activities with new kids.

Lewis - L4 Apprentice As Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, said:“During these challenging times, it has become clearer to me than ever the importance of keeping active and how it benefits not just our physical health but also our ability to pay attention, our mood and our mental health too. Every family will have had a different experience of the pandemic, and I know that many children will have missed time spent outdoors with their friends."

So what are you waiting for? Places are limited and you can secure your spot by visiting our website to book now! All camps are held at St Columbas RC Primary in Station Road! Can’t wait to see you soon!

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