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The Proof that PECS Works!

It's all well and good us telling you how effective the PE Curriculum Support (PECS) programme is in improving the provision of PE in primary schools, but for your school to allocate a portion of your Primary PE and Sport Premium to the programme, we don't expect you to just take our word for it.

At Physical Education & Active Kids, one of our fundamental principles is self-evaluation and detailed reporting to assess the effectiveness of our programmes and identify areas for improvement. The PECS programme is no exception to this rule, and we acquire the necessary data from teachers who enrol by having them provide feedback on their work and the progress of their pupils at every stage of the process.

Our reporting covers the following areas:

· Planning

· Tracking of pupil progress

· Report writing

· Confidence in teaching PE

· PE subject knowledge

Consistent findings The results of this data collection are continuously compiled on the online learning portal that is made available to all teachers, allowing them to track their own progress throughout the mentoring experience. For 2016-2017, we found that the average overall score on a 10-point scale across all aspects was 4.9 at the beginning of the programme, and had increased to 7.7 by the end of it. This represents an average 57% increase in performance, based entirely on the feelings and opinions of teachers themselves.

A unique programme PECS is the only professional development programme for Primary PE that is recognised by afPE for its provision of high-quality learning for teachers. Too often, PE is not taken as seriously as more academic subjects, despite the fact that 88% of primary school teachers recognise that it is as important as any other subject they teach. Our mentoring programme addresses this imbalance very effectively, helping schools utilise their Primary PE and Sport Premium in an effective, sustainable way. Progress by numbers As you can see from the data report the numbers from our findings speak for themselves. No less than 98% of teachers who have undergone mentoring from the PECS programme feel their confidence in delivering PE lessons has increased. What's more, the increase averages from 4.71 before PECS to 7.66 afterwards - an average increase of 62.6%. The other key increases look like this: Planning: before PECS, the average score was 5.1, which increased by 53.4% to 7.9 afterwards. Tracking progress of pupils: the average pre-programme score was 4.65, increasing to 7.76 afterwards - a 66.8% improvement. Subject knowledge: a pre-programme average of 4.82 increased by 55.4% to 7.50. Report writing: the pre-PECS average of 5.21 increased to 7.72, which is an improvement of 48.3%. Always positive, always measurable. As you can see, the numbers are pretty consistent. Even teachers who felt their confidence and competence in PE was good experienced an improvement with the support of our PECS mentors. Everything we do is meticulously evaluated and enhanced on the basis of the comprehensive data we collect. As a results-focused initiative, we consistently help teachers improve their provision of PE for their pupils, and we want to do this for your staff. Get in touch today (insert link to contact page) to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your school's needs and how the PECS programme can help your teachers and pupils.

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