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Saving you Money - The Benefits of Outsourcing your PE

I am Dave Roberts, PE and School Sports Manager for PEAK. I cover a lot within my role, but my main focus at the moment is ensuring our current and any potential new schools receive the highest quality of PE but at the lowest possible price! In this blog, I have outlined the advantages your school could benefit from by seeking a partnership with an outside PE provider such as ourselves.

There are many reasons to outsource your PE and School Sport to an external provider, these can include cost, the range of services available, quality and the level of qualifications and experience. I take a look at some of these in more detail below.

Cost Efficiencies

Employing your own member of staff will come with added costs such as national insurance and pension contributions, paid leave and paid sickness, indeed many of the headteachers we have spoken with have told us that their on-costs for staff are as high as 23% on top of their salary - so with the average HLTA salary at £23,872 this means that the cost to schools of employing a PE HLTA could be as high as £29,363! This is CONSIDERABLY more than outsourcing would cost you and using PEAK to deliver your PE could mean savings of up to £15,000 per year! (That's a BIG chunk of money to help you face those enormous electricity and gas bill!)

With schools facing such CRIPPLING energy bills amid the cost of living crisis, it is now more vital than ever to make savings where possible without sacrificing on quality. In fact, using an external provider for PE will in most cases lead to a higher quality of provision.

Covering Absences

Any good provider will be able to cover their own staff absences with another member of staff, meaning you are not left short or having to scratch around supply agencies! This also saves the worry of supply costs of up to £200 per day - if your supply agency has any staff available to actually work in your school on that day!

Knowledge and Skills

Training and support for our team is at the heart of everything we do and we are always looking to improve the level of service we provide. All of our carefully recruited and professionally trained educators are at or working towards level 4 chartered coaching status. Our bespoke schemes of work have been carefully crafted by senior subject specialists and follow the National Curriculum guidelines, within the OFSTED framework. As PESSPA manager, I regularly visit our staff in schools to ensure they are delivering the highest quality of PE possible.

A Good Fit for Your School

Finding good people is fantastic but also hard and if it turns out that the candidate isn't right for your School, it could take months or often years to fix. Using an external provider should mean a quick phone call will get your coach the support they need or a replacement if required.

Much of the feedback we receive from our partner schools describes how our member of staff feels like part of their team, which we love! So, our schools get the benefit of having a highly engaged, qualified and experienced PE specialist without the pains of having to employ or manage them directly.

In this current climate, why would you not want a higher quality of provision at a lower price by outsourcing your PE?!

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