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PHYSICAL EDUCATION - "It’s more important than ever now”!

Here at Physical Education and Active Kids, we are proud to encourage and inspire children daily to develop their skills, knowledge and wellbeing through our high quality PE delivery and mentoring! We are proud to support the Association for Physical Education and their initiative to ensure PE is at the heart of schools so children can reap the benefits in many aspects of their life.

“We (afPE Taskforce) want to lobby Government and bring some changes so that PE is out at the heart of every school day”

Jason Robinson OBE

We have been working collaboratively with our schools to creatively ensure young people access daily physical activity, weekly Physical Education and after-school sport. However, we know that many are lacking confidence, which is why we have found our PECS Mentoring programme has become even more valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working with and supporting staff working in schools to respond to the additional pressures some children may be feeling as a direct result of the pandemic, as well as to any emotional response they or their teachers may still be experiencing from bereavement, stress, trauma or anxiety over the past months. PEAK are here to help and have been happy to support the development of these new innovative ideas which, along with clear guidance, will be essential to ensure children do not miss out on the benefits of high quality physical education.

This is why we have created the PEAK @ Home Physical Activity Diary to ensure when your child and pupils are isolating at home they can keep active and look after their wellbeing!

Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said:

Staying active is vital for young people’s physical and mental health and can also improve behaviour and concentration. I know schools have worked incredibly hard to welcome pupils back and these imaginative new resources will help them keep children fit and healthy in a fun and engaging way, while also keeping them safe.

Youth Sport Trust Chief Executive Ali Oliver said:

Young people are returning to schools with low levels of physical fitness and poor mental health while social distancing guidelines are presenting new challenges to the delivery of PE and school sports.

Tim Hollingsworth, CEO, Sport England said:

We have a significant opportunity with schools now back to help get our children and young people active again, and there is clear evidence that it can help their attainment at school and contribute to their health and happiness.

Public Health Minister Jo Churchill said:

Giving children and young people the opportunity to exercise during the school day is the perfect way for them to have fun and be active with their friends. Exercise when combined with a healthy balanced diet is the perfect recipe to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally and have fun too.

Keep safe & active!

The PEAK Team!

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