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New Holiday Camp Innovation - Save Money and Kids Get More!

An Exciting Feature for Holiday Camp Customers!

We cannot wait to be allowed to offer holiday camp provision again. We all really enjoy seeing your children during school holidays and helping them to learn new skills and develop sporting techniques.

We have made some huge changes to our holiday camps this year with the introduction of our Top Cats Programme which provides age specific activities and allows children to be doing activities that are appropriate to their key stage. Our three camps: Kitten, Leopard and Lion have been really well received by both children and parents.

Our Kitten Camp is aimed at our younger customers, we recommend that this is best for 4-6 year olds and all of the activities are designed to meet the needs of the KS1 National Curriculum for Physical Education. We play a range of active games with the children and offer lots of arts and crafts to keep young minds stimulated and to get the children active and playing. Some sports are included which develop our Kitten’s fundamental movement skills such as petanque, athletics and dance, however we ensure that the skills taught are appropriate to the Kitten’s development stage and abilities. We design the camp carefully so that young kittens do not tire too quickly, and active sessions are in dispersed with low intensity activities such as a range of make and do craft sessions. We ensure that the camp has educational values and that our kittens learn new skills in a fun and friendly environment. Most of the active sessions are based around a range of educational playground games which develop their social skills whilst engendering a love of being active.

Whereas our Leopard Camp is aimed at children aged 7-10 and focusses upon the technical skills and social development contained in the KS2 National Curriculum. There are a range of different sports with taught skill development, sports such as golf, rounders, orienteering, volleyball and athletics which sit alongside traditional sports such as football, netball, basketball and cricket. Children will develop the technical skills demanded to ensure that they have the skills to develop their love of sport and being active. Active play and games designed for this age group are in dispersed with the sport as well as age appropriate problem solving activities and more technical arts and crafts. The Leopards Camp is approximately half sport based, a quarter active play and a quarter arts and crafts. This camp is more active than the Kitten Camp as we know our Leopards have more stamina than the younger children.

Alternatively, our Lion Camp is for our older cats and we recommend children aged 11-14 book onto this camp. We have designed this around more ‘grown-up’ activities such as Street Dance, Bubble Football, Quidditch, Panna, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee and Archery alongside traditional sports such as Football, Basketball and Cricket as well as lots of older fun activities such as a range of different dodgeball games. We also include some age appropriate problem solving activities which develop communication and interpersonal skills. This camp is almost solely active and is designed not only to teach the children new skills but also ensure that they have fun alongside children their own age. Please note that for activities such as bubble football, there is a minimum height as shorter children will not be able to control the zorb, hence it is only offered to the Lions. The camp attempts to intertwine educational values, developing skills in sport in line with the requirements of the KS3 Physical Education Curriculum whilst also ensuring that the week is fun and enjoyable for our Lions.

Having analysed the attendance at our camps we were overwhelmed to see such a high return rate amongst children who attend our camps, many of whom we have often referred to as regulars. So we have decided to enhance the experience of our regular customers to make the camp even better for those parents.

We have just launched our “Top Cats VIP Membership” for customers. Children can become VIP members for an annual £25 fee. The benefits we are offering to members now are:

· 25% Off discount code…this means that if your child is going to attend just 3 weeks a year with us then you will have not only made your membership fee back in savings but also earned overall savings. That’s more cash staying in your bank account every year!

· Extended hours with VIP Member children able to stay at camp from 8am up until 5pm every day they attend.

· Early-bird bookings. We will e-mail VIP member’s parents first to inform them of booking being open for upcoming camps. We will promise to give members at least 3 days prior notice of camps before we e-mail other customers or send leaflets or other marketing materials out to the general public.

We will be looking to add even more benefits and features into the membership package in the future and if any member’s parents have any ideas regarding other offers we could include then we will be happy to explore any suggestions.

You can purchase your child’s VIP membership today by simply visiting our holiday camp page on our website and clicking "membership”. Once you have joined you will get a lower price option whenever you book!


We look forward to seeing our VIPs at our next holiday camp!

VIP Membership

Terms and Conditions

As a member, I agree to the following:

1. Physical Education & Active Kids Ltd, have the right to contact me to notify me of upcoming holiday camps. I agree to my contact details being used for all purpose of holiday camp membership. Physical Education & Active Kids will not use my contact details for any other reason.

2. My £25 child membership fee entitles me to the following:

a. Early booking opportunity. PEAK will contact members regarding booking being open at least 3 days prior to contacting non-members. It is incumbent upon me to make a booking for my child, membership does not preclude me from having to book my child into camps.

b. A 25% discount on all camp bookings whilst my membership is valid. My membership will be valid for 365 days.

c. Extended hours 8am-5pm.

3. All other terms and conditions relating to Physical Education & Active Kids Ltd.’s holiday camps and booking remain unaltered for VIP Members.

4. OpenPlay will contact members prior to their membership expiring. It is incumbent upon members to ensure that their membership is up to date.

5. No refunds will be made of membership fees.

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