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National Fitness Day 2021

National Fitness Day will take place on Wednesday 22nd September and it is a fantastic opportunity to show how important physical activity is across the country. This will provide a good opportunity to demonstrate how leading a healthier lifestyle from being physically active is vital.

On the day, the students will get to experience a wide range of activities whilst being encouraged to talk about how it makes them feel. Not only does this give the student a voice, it can also give a good indication about the child's well being.

We at PEAK think now more than ever children should be encouraged to be active on a daily basis, if it is 10 minute bike ride or being part of a netball after school club. Now is the time to start making these changes for the better!

We can't wait to see the students active and please feel free to share your schools achievements on PEAK's Facebook and/or twitter page.

Lets get Fit for Life!

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