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Mr Tony talks about the amazing St Alban's Primary School!

Hi everyone, Mr Tony here!

Don’t worry this is my last blog … I promise!

And this blog is talking about my last but certainly not least school St Alban’s Catholic Primary School which is just over the River Tyne in a place called Pelaw.

St Alban’s Catholic primary School, well what can I say apart from what an amazing school it is! Jam packed with excellent staff and bubbly children, this school is hiding away between houses with majority of the children living a stones throw away from the school’s doors - which is very handy indeed for them! Not only is the school is between many of the children’s houses but it’s at the top of a hill and on the occasion when the ball gets kicked over the fence at break or lunch you have to be quick, very quick otherwise that’s you going all the way down to the bottom of the bank to retrieve it which if there’s a wind you will certainly need to pick up your pace!! And that is not even mentioning coming back, you can imagine the grind back up!

5 Years I have been at St Alban’s Catholic primary school and I must say I have been very fortunate to inherit the wonderful schools I have. In my early days I would shadow Dave (the boss) at this school and we would do an after school club with a small bunch of key stage 1 children. This cute but very, very bubbly girl stood out for me, must only been 5 years old but wow she could talk (and was pretty bossy to be honest) but her personality certainly shone through! Looking back I never thought back then that I would still have the pleasure of knowing this young lady who is now in Year 6 and more than ready to spread her wings and fly off to High school. May I add she is a perfect student amongst all of the children in this brilliant school and this is down to Mrs Bridon (Headteacher) who is a wonderful role model to the pupils and to her fantastic staff who have always treated me like one of their own, I have even been invited to church numerous times to share a variety of celebrations even though I think I stand out being the only one in orange, I really enjoy it!

It actually makes me a little sad to think that all year 6 children up and down the country could have potentially already walked there last steps through their schools that have made them who they are today. Luckily if this is the case most the children come back to see the teachers, even if it is due to having siblings still with us or just because they miss it. We always do our best to try and prepare them for high school but we do express its nothing like primary which a lot of them return and say “I know what you mean now”!

My role at St Albans has varied over the years from delivering PE to CPD training for the teachers but one thing will never change and that is the passion I have to get the best out of our children. Physically, psychologically, mentally and sociably at each individual pace. We now have the best tools to monitor our children and with this it’s only the start to being more successful in all aspects of Physical education.

A special thank you once again to all of my colleagues (friends) and children in my wonderful schools who make my job in my opinion the best in the world!

Also a very big thank you to Dave and all of my teammates at PEAK because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Lastly I hope you're all staying safe and well, hopefully we will be all together again soon!

Tony x

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