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Miss Jewitt is Missing her Marvellous Schools!

Hi everyone, Miss Jewitt here! Just thought I would make use of my time sitting in the house and talk a little bit about my schools & students who I am missing lots at the moment.

Wessington Primary School is where I spend all day on a Tuesday as a PECS mentor and delivering PE sessions & an after school club. I enjoy working in this school as it is clear it is an incredibly nurturing school community where all children are given an environment where they feel safe and can excel in their achievements and are inspired to grow.

There are lots of opportunities within Wessington Primary School that encourage independence and challenge children to strive for academic, creative, sporting and personal accomplishments. The school has fantastic resources and their outdoor provision is great for pupils as they have various outdoor spaces such as a yard space, MUGA and forest school which allows children access to broaden their skills in various sports and outdoor activities. The staff have great relationships with the children and work to build their confidence and develop their self-reliance. Through PE sessions we have been working to help children to learn how to make decisions when working in a team, communicate effectively and develop their ability to articulate their feelings and ideas whilst showing respect for others. We have experienced this especially in the current year 5 class who have been enthusiastically creating their own gymnastic routines in groups, showcasing their strengths, with the new skills acquired throughout the unit, even incorporating equipment such as benches and tables.

I spend an afternoon at St Patrick’s in Ryhope which is a small and friendly school where every child is given the opportunity to develop their full potential and be the best they can be. At St Patrick’s it is clear that the school community strive for the education of the whole person and place a huge focus on the mental, physical, social, emotional, spiritual and moral development of the children, which is done through embedding Catholic values however it is clear everyone embraces other faiths and cultures. At St Patricks there is a real sense of community, which is shared with the pupils who show pride of their school as well as their staff and peers. This sense of belonging is extended to me and I love my time spent here as there is always so much going on in school where staff create a stimulating environment and enriching experiences for all children. I have spent a lot of time with the Year 6 children who have created so much fun and enjoyment for me, really throwing themselves into their street dance unit, where their efforts really impressed school staff. In clubs the children show respect and care for others and we have discussed ways to adapt games to be inclusive to all children and create a happy sport environment for all pupils to experience, succeed and blossom.

My week is bookended by spending time at St Stephens Primary School which is a lovely, welcoming school who have very supportive staff who are always running around ensuring the best is offered to each pupil. The school site is great for PE as they have an outdoor court, a large sports hall and an abundance of sporting equipment which allows the children to access a wide range of sports. The high standards in this school are upheld by the students who work together creating a caring environment with mutual respect which allows all children to reach their potential. The staff are great at sharing appropriate information about their classes so working with myself we can take into account the individual needs of each child to provide experiences and opportunities allowing children to succeed in their physical education. Through spending time and making relationships with the pupils in their weekly PE session, afterschool club or in the classroom it is clear that Catholic values are embedded into the school community as children show great amounts of resilience and support for one another. I have also seen children working to help others in their sessions who may be struggling by demonstrating a skill to them or offering some tips. Children at St Stephen’s primary school are always engaged and motivated to take part in their PE sessions and it is great that many of them participate in clubs outside of school which means they can be given the opportunity to act as a ‘coach’ within sessions and use their expertise whilst developing their leadership skills.

Anyway, that’s enough from me! I hope you are all staying home safe with your families & getting some work done, as well as your daily exercise.

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See you soon,

Miss Jewitt!

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