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Meet the Team: Natalie Dixon

Hi there! I am Natalie Dixon.

At a young age I was always interested in sport, in and out of school. Always on the school teams and super competitive.

I was on the gymnastics team from a young age and moved on to dancing ( as it is what my friends done) until I got older and started kickboxing.

I worked up to my black belt and it was In the kickboxing club where I met my now husband at the age of 17, we both spent 10 years working towards our black belts and our reward was a Thai kickboxing camp in Thailand which was an amazing experience.

From the love of kickboxing and weight training I then qualified as a personal trainer and started to train people in their own homes. This type of work allowed me to build up relationships with my clients and I found it very rewarding but needed a change after 3 years or so.

I began coaching in various gyms teaching classes which I was passionate about.

Amongst being self employed I got married and had my first baby, which put a big strain on my working hours, working in the fitness industry, you need to be very flexible and work unsociable hours. I found it harder and harder to work around these hours as I had more children.

Which brings me to PEAK.

I first approached peak to allow me to work within school hours and would work with family life. I am now the events manager which works perfectly with my family life and I really enjoy seeing the events we have coming through that need covered.

I love the peak family and really enjoy working for the company

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