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Meet the Team: Lewis Spark

My name is Lewis and I joined PEAK in 2019.

I am currently having a great time teaching primary school kids all about PE. I am currently at Stead Lane Primary school, in the school I am working at I have been teaching PE to years 1,2 which I have really enjoyed as I am gaining lots of experience off it. Then on a Wednesday I help assist year 3 and 5 PE. In addition to this during my time in the school I am also getting to go on all the sports trips with all different year groups which is great as it gives me a chance to talk to other school teachers in the area but as well as getting to know the kids from my school. I also do after school clubs which is a great way for kids to get involve in a range of different sports and for them to have some fun as well.

Working for peak has quickly progressed me towards my dream job teaching PE.

I have been involved in sport since the age of 6 playing football for many teams and progressing to a high level but at 13 years old I discovered rugby! I have played for the same team for nearly 7 years and the Northumberland county. I also managed to attend the Newcastle Falcons AASE scheme whilst I was doing my A-levels,

I also now coach football junior football team which me and two of my friends run, we train on a Wednesday and play on a Sunday, doing this is great as I am also gaining coaching experience off this which will help me in the future. The team I coach is called Wideopen Wasps u11s and all the children on the team are amazing, we have currently just won our first league which is brilliant!

PEAK has been a great opportunity for me to get first hand experience of hopefully my future career.

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