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Meet the Team: Georgia Powell

Georgia Powell

PE Educator Trainee

What Do I Do At PEAK:

I am a PE educator trainee working in primary schools within the Teesside area where I help with the delivery of PE lessons and sports related after school clubs.

What Are My Credentials/Past Experience For Working In This Position

I have previously volunteered at rowing camps at Durham University and Durham Amateur Rowing Club; volunteered with the ‘Kids’ activities offered by Sporting Force over the school holidays; I currently coach junior rowers at Tees Rowing Club. I have a L2 BtEC in Sport: am a qualified L2 Gym Instructor and am currently completing my L2 Coaching [Rowing] and my L3 Personal Trainer Awards.

What is My Archetype:

42% athlete: 32% caregiver: 26% visionary

What Do You Like About Working At PEAK/Look Forward To:

I have literally only started so this is a tricky one, being at PEAK allows me to spend time outdoors which is definitely my ‘happy place’ and to observe the excitement of the primary school children when they are engaging in the lessons and activities.

What Is My Background?

I grew up in County Durham and more recently moved to Teesside. I have just completed a college course in creative media, film and journalism but sport has always been such a huge part of my life making it a more natural career path.

What Are the Values That Drive You?

Inclusivity: Fairness: Compassion: Honesty: Integrity:

Top Three Favourite Podcasts/Books

The Girl On The River does a great podcast series linked to rowing, rivers etc., she has a variety of topic areas and guests from within and outside of the rowing world: I have just downloaded ‘The Unstoppable Rise of Women’s Sport’ by Sue Antiss and I have just started following Liv Howe on Twitter, Liv has just had her first article ‘Hitting The Barriers-Women in Formula 1 and W Series Racing’ published.

What Do You Enjoy When Not Working?

Rowing, being on the water gives me time to think, helps me to ‘wind-down’ and I currently compete as a junior for Tees Rowing Club, having previously rowed at Durham. Going to the cinema [yes I know you can watch films on Netflix] I enjoy watching new releases on the ‘big screen’, the most recent film I saw was ‘Spiderman No Way Home’: I love watching Formula 1: I also enjoy baking, my brownies are delicious even if I do say so myself: I enjoy walking my two dogs [French Bulldogs] too and I am lucky to have some great places for this on my doorstep.

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