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Meet the Team: Faye Jardine

My name is Faye and I joined PEAK in 2019.

I am currently enjoying my time as a PEAK apprentice teaching PE at Rockcliffe First School. I have been having a great time teaching PE to reception, Year 1 and Year 2, and also supporting Year 3 PE lessons. While gaining experience through teaching PE I have also been assisting with after school clubs on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for a variety of age groups from Year 1 to Year 4, which is a great way for me to help encourage the children at the school to get involved in sports and also gives me a chance to work with more kids who I might not normally have the chance to teach. I’m addition to this at lunchtimes I try to get as many kids as possible involved in sports by changing the activities each day to find something everyone is interested in, Monday’s are football, Tuesdays are basketball or handball, Wednesday is multi-skills and Thursday is also football. By working within a school, teaching lessons and spending time with the children, I have been able to develop and gain knowledge of teaching first hand, helping me to decide whether going into teaching was the right decision for me.

Growing up I have always been involved in sport, joining my local football team at the age of 8, where I played for 10 years and we became very successful winning multiple titles in that time. Throughout the years of playing locally I managed to develop and play for Northumberland County and Newcastle PDC. In school myself, I was part of as many sporting teams as possible and represented my school in sports including football, athletics, netball, badminton and tennis.

PEAK had given me the chance to gain experience and start my journey to become a PE teacher. I am really glad to have chosen this route into teaching by developing my knowledge and learning first hand in a school.

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