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Meet the Team: Dave Roberts

  • Name: David Roberts

  • Company Role: PESSPA Manager

  • Favourite quote: A winner is just a loser who tried one more time.

At PEAK I do a small amount of teaching (2 afternoons) in 2 schools, Corpus Christi in Gateshead and St Stephen’s in Longbenton. I also oversee all of our school delivery with monitoring and quality assurance visits and I am responsible for the organisation and running of our community projects i.e. holiday camps, wrap around care and weekend events.

My credentials for my role would be a life devoted to sport and qualifications in numerous sports acquired in over 10 years of delivering PE in Primary schools. It is the only job I have ever had and despite it’s challenges I have never considered a career change! My previous job was with the Merseyside franchise of Premier Education.

I’m really enjoying my time with PEAK so far, having joined in August when relocating from the Wirral. I have particularly enjoyed the fresh feel of a new city combined with a new job! I have been made to feel very welcome by my schools and I think the children have just about adapted to my accent!

I grew up in the beautiful town of Birkenhead – fun fact…It has the world’s first public park which was the basis of design for Central Park in New York! As you can imagine, my childhood evolved around sport with football at the centre. When I was 10 I got scouted for Liverpool, for who I played for until I was 18, completing a 2 year scholarship after leaving school and winning 2 FA youth cups in the process. Since then, and up until relocating, I have played semi-professionally in the Welsh Premier League were I was lucky enough to play in the Europa League qualifying rounds a couple of times!

I am driven and inspired from my own sporting background and success, which also provides me with my level of work ethic and discipline which shapes me as a teacher and manager in this industry.

When I’m not working you will find me glued to the television watching my beloved Liverpool (especially this season), going to the gym or getting out and about with my girlfriend exploring my new surroundings!

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