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Maximising the Impact of Sports Premium Funding to Sustain High Quality PE Once it Inevitably Goes

On 25th June 2022, the DfE confirmed that the Primary PE and Sport Premium would continue for academic year 2022-23 with £320 million to be delivered to schools to give more children access to high quality PE lessons and sporting opportunities, supporting both their physical and mental wellbeing.

The Primary PE and Sport Premium helps more children access high quality PE lessons and sporting opportunities, supporting both their physical and mental wellbeing. But did you know that you can use your sport premium to upskill your teaching staff via our PECS (PE Curriculum Support) programme that would leave a lasting legacy of high quality PE provision being delivered within your school, should the sports premium funding be cut or abolished!

afPE believes that if you ask the question - “If the funding ceased how would it affect the provision for children and young people?” You should be able to show that the investment outcomes can be upheld. If you have embedded a sustainable solution it should not cease, but remain in place for existing pupils and for future pupils. It should also sustain children and young peoples’ love of learning in and through PE, School Sport and Physical Activity, as well as ensuring that they live healthy active lives.

If you were asked that question, what would be the answer?

What is PECS?

The PE Curriculum Support programme (PECS), is a sustainable and effective way for your school to use your PE and School Sport Premium. It is different to other primary PE CPD programmes and addresses DfE Professional Development Standards.

It is not a one day training course or a stand-alone activity and it is not your stereotypical ‘team teaching’ programme which so many sports coaching providers offer. PECS is a development programme for the whole school. PECS has been developed by Aspire Training Solutions and is recognised by the Association for Physical Development (afPE) as a programme that assures high quality learning for teachers.


We recognise that teachers are highly skilled and experts in the classroom. The PECS programme helps your teachers transfer their skills from the classroom and into the PE environment. As a result, your staff will become more confident to teach PE to a high standard and improve outcomes for your pupils.

If you would like to know more about our PECS programme, you can get in touch to find out more and visit our website here

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