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Make Physical Education Safe!

We hope you are all doing well & staying safe!

The DfE updated their main schools guidance last week to reflect small changes for schools which will come into place from 2 December. The following insert is the sport section:

Physical activity in schools

The guidance in this section applies from 2 December.

Schools have the flexibility to decide how physical education, sport and physical activity will be provided whilst following the measures in their system of controls.

In considering what team sports can be offered, those whose national governing bodies have developed guidance under the principles of the government’s guidance on team sport and been approved by the government are permitted. Schools must only provide team sports on the list available at return to recreational team sport framework.

You can read about this is in our previous blog post!

Pupils should be kept in consistent groups, sports equipment thoroughly cleaned between each use by different individual groups.

Schools can hold PE lessons indoors, including those that involve activities related to team sports, for example practising specific techniques, within their own system of controls. For sport provision, outdoor sports should be prioritised where possible, and large indoor spaces used where it is not, maximising natural ventilation flows (through opening windows and doors or using air conditioning systems wherever possible) distancing between pupils and paying scrupulous attention to cleaning and hygiene. This is particularly important in a sports setting because of the way in which people breathe during exercise. External facilities can also be used in line with government guidance for the use of, and travel to and from, those facilities.

Schools should refer to the following guidance:

-advice from organisations such as the Association for Physical Education and the Youth Sport Trust

- Schools are able run both curricular and extra-curricular activities where they are satisfied that it is safe to do so. Schools should consider carefully how such arrangements can operate within their wider protective measures. Read more about this government guidance here.

There are many benefits of why children should exercise take part in physical activity, your child won’t just notice the benefits and changes but you will too. Benefits for children exercising include:

  • Increases children’s self-confidence and belief

  • Help strengthen their bones and muscles

  • Teaches them the importance of exercise

  • Helps keep their mental state of mind healthy

  • Your child will be less likely to become overweight

  • Exercise will reduce the risk of your child developing type 2 diabetes

  • Children will have better outlook on life

  • Making new friends

  • Learn leadership skills

  • Positive behaviour

  • Trying out new sports and activities

  • Learning new skills

  • Positive attitude

This is why we have created the PEAK @ Home Physical Activity Diary to ensure when your child and pupils are isolating at home they can keep active and look after their wellbeing!

We also have a bank of our PEAK Team daily challenges on our social media channels and post your attempts!

Find them on our Facebook Page or twitter: @peaksprt

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Stay safe & stay active,

The PEAK Team!

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