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Make 2023 Your Year to make SAVINGS

In light of the current economic problems facing us ALL, Physical Education & Active Kids are about to launch the most comprehensive package of SAVINGS for schools. Throughout January and February PEAK will be demonstrating to schools how to make savings of OVER £120,000 simply by partnering with us.

We will be showing you how to afford those crippling gas and electricity bills with some simple solutions. In 2023 we will be:

· Demonstrating how the recent National Living Wage increase will result in a ZERO PERCENT increase in prices to schools!

· Showing you how cost effective outsourcing your PE teaching can be and how this can SAVE you up to £36,526!

· Launching over BIGGEST EVER DISCOUNT programme for our PE delivery which WILL make us the CHEAPEST PE delivery company in the North-East!

· Demonstrating how an investment in growing and developing your own workforce could save you IN EXCESS OF £90,000!

Schools are facing some difficult decisions over the next few months and balancing cuts with maintaining quality of teaching and learning is probably the one thing that Headteachers and Business Managers are losing sleep over at the moment. So let PEAK help you. These SAVINGS are not some cheap gimmick such as Black Friday when companies sell off outdated products at vastly discounted prices – PEAK have been working extensively to ensure that in 2023 we can put the smile back on senior school leader’s faces whilst still enabling children to develop as independent learners.

Unlike other organisations these offers will be open to ALL schools, that’s both NEW and EXISTING clients. We look forward to sharing these practical solutions to the biggest financial dilemma that schools have had to face thus far.

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