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Looking back at 2020 and staying safe over Christmas!

As the first full term in education draws to a close for all schools, ready for Christmas celebrations we would like to reflect on the fantastic year we have had at PEAK!

We are proud that the PEAK team have been fortunate enough to have worked with a number of schools in helping them reintroduce after school clubs into their school days as well as continuing to provide high quality physical education and mentoring to all of our schools ensuring the many benefits of physical activity are benefitting all our children who now more than ever, need socialisation, sports and teamwork which play a huge part in the physical and emotional wellbeing of children, as well as our clubs and holiday camps playing a vital childcare role for busy and working parents. We also have began training new apprentices who have made it though their first term as well as our returning apprentices who are working hard in their schools on their qualification!

However as lockdowns ease and tiers change it is important to remember there are strict restrictions in place, such as:

Local Tiers: Currently, supervised clubs can take place in all tier levels, but we recommend checking with your local authority before recommencing your clubs, particularly in ‘high’ and ‘very high’ tier areas. Here’s a link to the local restrictions page.

Group Sizes and Mixing Bubbles: It is far more preferable to not mix bubbles. This might result in more after school clubs than usual. Perhaps having Class 1 club in the first week, then Class 2 club in the second week, etc.

Track & Trace: This should be easy as all after school clubs should have a register with emergency contact details. But ensure parent contact details are up to date and correct.

Also, records of all children AND STAFF attending each club should be kept for a minimum of 21 days. These records should be factored in when considering to isolate a bubble.

Risk Assessment: This is a good time to check and update your after-school club Risk Assessment. Here’s some Government advice on Risk Assessment and Covid-19.

Promote Social Distancing: Even though it seems that children are less susceptible to clinical disease, it is important to encourage safe practice and Social Distancing where possible.

Cleaning Equipment & Facilities: It is still recommended that equipment is cleaned more frequently than usual. If you run more than one club in a row, allow extra time between groups for cleaning equipment. Also, maintain your school’s ventilation policy, opening windows and doors where it is safe and appropriate to do so.

It’s likely your school has appropriate hand sanitiser’s available in each classroom, but ensure the same measures are considered for the sportshall, playground and other playing areas.

Children’s Equipment: Children should limit the amount of equipment they bring to an activity (such as bags, hats, gloves, coats). But please ensure children are kept safe and warm before restricting these things.

Toilets: Toilet use should be managed thoroughly. Where it is safe to do so, allow only one child at a time to use the toilet, and encourage hand cleaning more than usual.

Face Masks: Currently, Public Health England does not recommend the use of face coverings when children are participating in out-of-school activities. But consider rules on face masks (particularly amongst staff and parents) when moving to and from the playing areas, and when parents are collecting their children.

Drop Off / Pick Up area: Allocate a safe drop-off/pick-up area for parents, and ensure the rules of this area are clearly communicated with staff, children and parents.

Parents should not be allowed into the club setting unless essential (eg. where children may have special care needs).

We will continue to monitor the Government advice. Please keep a look out for updated blogs, and here are some useful links…

But let's finish this blog post by reminiscing on our wonderful school summer holiday sports camp which we successfully ran and was a hit with all involved!

And for now, from all of the PEAK Team...

Don't forget about the PEAK @ Home Physical Activity Diary to ensure when your child and pupils are isolating at home they can keep active and look after their wellbeing!

We also have a bank of our PEAK Team daily challenges on our social media channels and post your attempts!

Find them on our Facebook Page or twitter: @peaksprt

Don’t forget to like & share!

Stay safe & stay active,

The PEAK Team!

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