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Industry Leader joins PEAK

We are delighted to welcome Barbara Veeramallay-Permaul to PEAK as she becomes one of the first members of our Independent Advisory Board. The IAB has been created to ensure that we have independent governance and a group of industry leaders who can help PEAK grow and become a market leader in the North East.

Over the past 15 years Barbara has been instrumental in supporting and building new organisations in all aspects of operations, quality and safeguarding in the delivery of apprenticeships. She has a great passion in building strong foundations in educational settings and ensuring organisations have the right fit in policies and procedures with a lens on company growth and success.

Her approach is to understand organisations through self-assessment and quality improvement planning with a common sense approach to meet the needs of learners and their employers.

She has guided over 4 SME apprenticeship organisations from set up to first Ofsted and ESFA monitoring as a Nominee and prior to that she has been involved in 3 full inspections with more established mature organisations. All with a good track record of success.

For the past 6 years Barbara has gained great understanding in Safeguarding and welfare of learners in the educational space and has led teams in several organisations to meet the needs of Safeguarding, Prevent and British Values agendas. She is qualified to level 3 DSO and a Mental Health First Aider.

For her personal CPD she is currently working towards L7 Diploma in Educational Management. Her personal values are integrity, trust, collaboration and excellence.

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