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How to EASILY SAVE £14k-£16k every year!

Earlier this week we demonstrated to schools that employing a PE HLTA makes absolutely no financial sense whatsoever when compared to the option of making some small timetabling changes and outsourcing your PE.

We showed how a one-form entry school could easily timetable all of their PE lessons into 3 days every week and how bringing in PEAK to deliver on these 3 days would generate savings of £56,000 over the course of a 4 year period. A figure inflated in the schools favour as we launched our new 4 year contract whereby schools receive: · A 25% discount in year 1

· An 18% discount in year 2

· A 9% discount in year 3

So schools will not pay the full price for their PE delivery until 2026/27!


On Monday’s launch we really only compared the cost of outsourcing against the gross wage cost to the school as a business – but when YOU employ a teacher or HLTA then this is not your only cost, is it?

So when you consider 4 years’ worth of employment of an HLTA, you, as a business manager, must also factor in:

· Kit for your PE HLTA

· Training and continuous professional development for your HLTA

· Any cover costs associated with their training and CPD

· Mileage allowance for any travel associated with training and CPD

· Any cover costs associated with sickness absence

· DBS costs

· Admin costs to submit and pay payroll

· Admin costs to complete right to work in the UK check

· Admin costs to gather references

Actually, without wanting this article to denigrate into a simple list, it is fair to say that this list goes on and on and on!

Your wage bill is always the highest expenditure that any business has – yet over the last few years schools have been INCREASING their workforce. With the mind-numbing cost of electricity and gas (and with government support for this being phased out) and the sheer cost increases that you are facing for just about everything else you require – it is very likely that the desire to employ everybody who works in your school is about to be extinguished.

I’d like to remind you how we calculated the wage cost savings (putting a figure on the list above is tricky – however we would imagine that over 4 years the associated costs for almost everyone on your payroll would be at least £6,000-£8,000).

With the average wage of an HLTA currently at £23,872 plus the 23% on-costs that schools have to pay, an HLTA will provide a real cost to the school of £29,363 every year! This is an unsustainable cost – especially when you consider that with some crafty timetabling a one-form entry primary school could easily get their PE scheduled into 3 days.

So let us compare the cost of engaging PEAK for 3 full days compared to the cost of your HLTA – and our comparison maintains the HLTA cost for 4 years, whereas we know that in reality it is likely to increase over this period!

Let’s not also forget that primary school sector predictions reckon that nearly 90% of schools will be in a deficit budget by next year due to spiralling costs we’d like to think that providing you with overall savings of £56,000-£64,000 may go some way towards alleviating this issue!

So employ your own PE HLTA or SAVE £14k-£16k every single year – the choice is entirely yours to make.

If you would like further details on our PE Delivery you can visit

You can contact us about these (and many other ways to save money) on 0191 704 2022 or by emailing

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