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CORONVIRUS UPDATE 23/2/20 1:00pm

All of our educators and apprentices are available for their schools. Our educators will be attending on their given days to support teachers in our partner schools with the education of vulnerable children and those of key workers.

We have a risk assessment and risk management plan in place and have asked all of our staff to deliver PE in accordance with social requests from central government.

Our key guidance to staff is:

1. PE needs to incorporate social distancing - so no contact sport, invasion games where players may get close to each other, partner/group gym/dance work.

2. Be careful with shared equipment, try to run lessons where pupils aren’t sharing a ball (rounders/cricket/netball etc).

3. Keep equipment clean. Chances are there may only be a handful of children in lessons so you will have plenty of time to clean equipment with detergent at the end of every lesson.

4. Try to go outdoors, as health organisation guidance is that the virus spreads quicker indoors.

We have had a couple of schools ask us to not attend, and that is absolutely your prerogative, however we want to help you and our belief is that keeping active and healthy is a useful trait at the moment.

Should your educator or apprentice need to self-isolate then we are unlikely to be able to offer cover.


Please contact us on 0191 704 2022. We cannot promise anything at the moment but we do have some free availability on our calendar for additional days PE.

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