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The following e-mail has been sent to our partner schools within the last few minutes.

Good evening,

The recent government announcement that schools will close yet remain open to support key workers and vulnerable children will, I am sure, leave you all with a lot of work to do and arrangements to make.

We value working with your school, and we want to support you during this time.

For those schools who have their PE delivered or receive PECS training from one of our educators – this service will continue to help alleviate the pressure on your staff. We understand that PE lessons and PECS training may not be a priority at the moment however I am sure that having an additional adult on those days may help you in your management of this situation.

For schools who host an apprentice – this service will continue with apprentices working at your school for their allotted 30-hour contract. All of their college tuition will now be delivered remotely to them via Zoom. It is possible that schools outside of Tyne and Wear, where the college tutor has been visiting schools to provide 1-to-1 tuition, may have to adjust their timetables in order that their apprentices take part in the tuition on a Friday morning. We are awaiting an update from the college on this. Some apprentices may still require observations in school, we are looking at ways to manage this and will inform individual schools of how this will proceed in due course.

SHOULD A PEAK EMPLOYEE NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND YOUR SCHOOL due to illness we will inform you and they will be instructed to not attend. Should this illness require a period of self-isolation we will inform you regarding this.

We are thinking about each and everyone of you, your staff team and your pupils but we will continue to support you as best we can.

If we can support you in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

David Johnson


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