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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 17/3/20 10:30am


PEAK are liaising constantly with central government, local authorities and health agencies as we manage our business at present. We have also engaged the services of a business consultancy to ensure we have the quality expertise to help guide us through this pandemic.

We will update our News page regularly to ensure that our customers and clients are fully aware of our situation on a day by day basis.

Firstly we must state that the health of our staff, the children they work with and the staff in our client schools is paramount and we will act sensibly to ensure that this is our overriding concern.

We currently have two team member in self-isolation, both have developed cold-like symptoms and we have acted to ensure that we are following government guidance.

Our team of Educators have had all QA visits cancelled in a bid to avoid cross contamination, all have been instructed to avoid contact with each other.

Our apprentices remain in their school placements and we are liaising regularly with Sunderland College with regard to their tuition time. The College are putting in place video conferencing contingencies should the DfE advise them against face-to-face tuition.

We have made the decision that should the DfE close schools then our Easter camps will also be cancelled. All parents who have booked their children into these camps will receive a full refund.

We will continue to be guided by the authorities listed at the start of this news item. Should the situation change we will be publishing updates on the “News” page on our website. This update will also be posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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