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Boost Pupil Intake with our 'Better than FREE' WAC

With costs rising due to recent pay awards and ever increasing utility costs, schools are facing the requirement to be inventive when it comes to budgeting. As with any business or organisation there are two ways to deal with this situation, you can either look at cutting outgoings or you can look at how to increase turnover. For a school their means of increasing income are limited but as everyone knows the best way to increase turnover is to increase the number of pupils on roll and with the average income per child, throughout their time at the school, being approximately £24,000 every additional pupil on roll is a valuable commodity to the business manager.

Schools recognise that they need to make themselves more attractive to parents to entice them to send their children to you. Obviously having a better Ofsted report than your nearest neighbour is one way but there are many other methods of increasing pupil numbers. A recent survey, for example, demonstrated that having an after-school wrap-around care makes parents 38.7% more likely to send their child to that school rather than one who do not have this provision.

If only there was a way of providing after school childcare without increasing wage, administration and the associated costs of running a wrap-around care service for your parents!


PEAK run and operate a number of after-school wrap-around clubs at BETTER THAN FREE to schools, I’d like to share our model and how we can help drive intake numbers up at your school!

Firstly, let’s get the address the quality side of our provision.

· We are Ofsted registered for childcare services and would ensure that any new wrap-around care is registered as well. This not only serves as a sign of quality of provision but also allows parents to utilise childcare vouchers when making payment for the service.

· We also utilise a secure online booking system which is easy to use and accepts payment via said vouchers. This booking system allows parents to securely notify us of any special educational need, food allergies and requirements and any other emotional or behavioural need their child has to allow us to enhance the wrap-around experience for that child. Our online booking system allows parents to enter a pick-up pin, so if that child is being collected by a relative who is unknown to our team we can request the pin number before releasing that child.

· All of our wrap-around care will be lead and managed by either a L3 early-years qualified club manager or a qualified teacher and as a private organisation we can pay enhanced wages for our qualified managers to ensure that we get the best people out there working for us!

· Every camp-manager will hold a L3 DSL qualification and whereas we are happy to utilise school/local authority systems for recording safeguarding concerns we have also invested in My Concern – an online safeguarding portal which ensures that concerns are dealt with appropriately and efficiently.

· As all of our community provision (holiday camps and wrap-around care) are Ofsted registered so our child-protection and safeguarding protocols and training for staff exceed the required standards.

So how can we provide your evening wrap-around care for BETTER THAN FREE? There are two parts to this statement:

We will run your evening wrap-around care at absolutely no cost to the school. The service is funded solely by parents paying to use the system.

So how can it be BETTER than free? Well quite simply this is where economies of scale come into the equation. As we are an apprenticeship employer AND training provider we will recruit an apprentice to work alongside the club leader BUT apprentices need to be on a minimum of a 30 hour per week contract and working at wrap-around will only account for about 15 hours. 6 hours per week will be for the apprentice to complete their coursework and attend workshops and lessons – this leaves us with 9 hours to fill – which we would GIFT to your school. This would mean that, for example, you will gain an extra member of staff to work in your nursery or reception for 3 afternoons EVERY WEEK. This would total 351 FREE staffing hours every academic year – which if costed out using the National Living Wage – would mean that you would receive over £3½k of staffing EVERY YEAR!

So why not contact us today at and help boost your intake numbers with a ‘Better than Free’ wrap-around care club?

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