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The Pioneers club will run until 5:45pm Mondays to Fridays FROM APRIL 2024 and we will be providing a safe and comfortable after-school experience for children at both schools. The primary focus of our Pioneers provision is always physical activity and health, however there will also be opportunities for children to partake in quiet activities such as reading, arts and crafts, homework or board games.

Children who attend Bexhill will be collected from a central location within the school. For Town End pupils we will run a walking taxi service immediately after school. Children will be cared for by our specially trained staff members. There will be two timetabled sessions where children will be offered an active play session or choose an activity that they would like to do. Sandwiched in between these sessions will be a ‘health break’, where we will seek to encourage children to develop the skills to maintain their own physical health, and provide them with a snack which will include healthy food options.

PEAK Pioneers is Ofsted registered which means that you can pay using the government's childcare schemes. To access all of the information that you require in order to be able to pay using these programmes you need to view the Ofsted registration certificate which can be found on the PARENT INFORMATION page.


Nerf Wars

Playground Games

Pupil Choice



Parachute Games

Pupil Choice


Street Dance


Pupil Choice




Pupil Choice



Arts & Crafts

Pupil Choice

*Some activities are weather or facility availability dependent and may be subject to change.

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